Josh Comeaux, a hair colorist located in Lafayette, Louisiana patented color map, a new product that’s going to be a standard for colorist in the hair industry.  He contacted beyond media to create engaging video content for his target audience through a series of videos.

The color map is a tool hair colorist use to match hair tones prior to applying color. The end result is the exact color the client picks. The target market for the product is hair colorist and larger brands. These videos are designed for stylist in mind, we are creating a separate brand story video that will be geared towards investors and brands.

Product Pomo video
The challenge with creating this product video was the balance of creating something that demonstrated the product while keeping a non advertisement feel and look. To prep for filming we played out a few ways the process would actually happen from a client and colorist prospective.
Josh loved the video, it expressed exactly what he wanted and it surpassed his expectations on instagram hitting 500k views within days. Lots of engagement and the video was shared countless times. His website traffic surged, needless to say a lot more color maps are in people’s hands right now.


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