Court & Layne


Court and Layne is a fashion boutique located just outside of Baton Rouge in Gonzales La. Court and Layne specializes in women’s clothing and does most of their marketing through social media.

April expressed the idea of sharing videos that reflected her brand but did not come off as an advertisement or sales pitch. April wanted to create an experience, something to connect her followers with the brand.

Court & Layne Fashion Boutique


Court and Layne had already scheduled a photo shoot to showcase their new arrivals, which created the perfect opportunity to catch the whole experience on video. The first portion of the shoot took place at the retail location in Gonzales. Beyond Media captured footage of the entire process, from girls getting ready to hair and makeup to the modeling of the clothes. Then, we took a trip to Mid City and Downtown Baton Rouge for outdoor filming.

While multiple locations offer variety, it comes with a challenge. Beyond Media accepted the challenge of matching shot and tying footage together to ensure aesthetically pleasing transitions. It’s important to be aware of lighting changed and framing choices, or the transitions could distract viewers from the brand experience.


For this project Beyond Media created a video montage of the experience. April loved the video and said it captured the exact look and feel she wanted to be expressed by the brand.

Behind the camera shot

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