Audi Baton Rouge


Audi of Baton Rouge enlisted the help of Beyond Media to create video advertisements for marketing on Facebook and Hulu. Audi wanted something fresh and focused on the brand, not the features or bells and whistles of the products. The vision was of a lifestyle video incorporating Baton Rouge scenery.


We had one week to conceptualize and create a 30 second video. To incorporate well-known local scenery, we filmed in downtown Baton Rouge, around the LSU lake and at the Audi dealership. After shooting and reviewing footage, editing began right away. 


Management was excited about final draft submission and loved the look and feel of the video. A minor adjustment to the Audi logo was made after the submission, which was quickly handled in edits.

Audi Baton Rouge ran the ad in theaters before the Star Wars movie Solo. Beyond Media was honored to have our work displayed to that level of viewership.

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